Exclusive First Look At The Luxurious Interior of The New Mercedes AMG SL

The interior of the new Mercedes AMG SL is perfectly designed for those who live for maximum comfort without having to sacrifice a vehicle's sporty appearance. The imminent model rings in the iconic traditional feeling of the 300 SL Roadster with a luxurious modernized twist.

The cockpit design, right down to the adjustable central display in the center console, is focused on the driver and impresses with a harmonious overall experience. The completely redesigned dimensional concept with 2+2 seats offers more function and space in the interior at the same time.

The MBUX infotainment system offers a choice of several specific display styles and different modes.

The driver display and central display offer an aesthetically pleasing and holistically coordinated experience. The appearance of the instrument cluster can be personalized with different display styles and individually selectable main views.

The new, highly sophisticated dimensional concept once again allows a 2+2 seating configuration for the first time since 1989 (Mercedes SL model series R 129). This makes the new SL even more versatile. The rear seats increase everyday usability.

If the extra seating is not needed, a draught-stop can protect front-seat passengers from draughts at the back of the neck. Or the second row of seats can be used as additional storage space to accommodate a golf bag, for example.

The avant-garde seat design of the new Mercedes-AMG SL serves to further develop the typical Mercedes sculptural seat design in a sporty way. It plays skilfully with layers and enveloping surfaces. This makes the seats appear lighter and less voluminous.

The headrests are integrated into the backrest and thus contribute to the sporty proportions of the seat. Perfect ergonomics and various progressive seam and attachment patterns complete the symbiosis of high-tech, performance, and luxury.

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