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Oakley's Elite C Six Sunglasses Priced at $4,000

Posted: Oct. 27th, 2009  |  By Christy Stewart
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Luxury Sunglasses: In finding the perfect pair of shades, one can expect to pay a nice chunk of change. For instance, a pair of stylish Tom Fords can cost upwards of $500, and while that might seem excessive to some, for others, it is chump change.

Oakley, a brand known well among the sporting community, is taking luxury to the next level with its new line of sunglasses priced at $4,000. Priced almost seven times higher than that of Oakley's $600 Pit Boss collection, the Elite C Six is making big waves among both the fashion industry and the world of professional sports.

One of the first pair of sunglasses was worn by none other than legendary cyclist, Lance Armstrong. The high-profile athlete endorsed the high-priced sunglasses during the last day of this summer's Tour de France. Over the next year, only 200 pairs will be produced, of which, a select few have already been spoken for.

With such a hefty price tag, one might wonder what it is that makes the Elite C Six so special. Each pair is fabricated with approximately 80 layers of carbon fiber, the same material used in the aerospace and motor sports industries. The carbon fiber is extremely costly, but for the seasoned athlete, a more flexible, functional frame offers a new degree of performance. Factor in the 90 hours of machine time during production, and you've got yourself one expensive pair of shades.

The limited-edition Elite C Six will be available exclusively at Oakley retailers and at select designer sunglasses boutiques.

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George Posted Dec 18, 2011
Does anyone know if sunglass hut will ever carry the c six carbon fiber edition that costs $4000?
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