Apr. 14th, 2014

Where to Find the Best Shopping, Adventure and Activities in the Caribbean

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While pretty much anywhere in the Caribbean will afford vacationers the opportunity partake in all of these activities, some places are just better suited for certain endeavors. So, whether you’re looking to snorkel along some shallow waters or are looking for some great island shopping, hit up these spots to make sure your Caribbean vacation fulfills your wants and needs.

Snorkeling - Malmok Beach - Although the small piece of beach isn’t a good location for sunbathers, the snorkeling at this Aruba destination is magnificent. Fire worms, starfish and crabs are a regular sight for snorkelers in this neat area.


Excursion Cruises - Barbados - There is an excursion cruise (non-overnight) in Barbados that allows you to swim among giant sea turtles. The guides will provide you with all the gear you need to experience these amazing creatures first hand. Other excursion cruises in Barbados take you to small islands or just out on the beautiful sea for some sea-bound fun.

Scuba Diving - Belize - Lighthouse Reef in Belize has two of the best spots in the world for scuba diving: Lighthouse Reef itself and the Lighthouse Reef Atoll, which contain the Half Moon Caye wall and the Blue Hole, respectively. Both of these spots offer quite different diving opportunities yet are very close to each other. 

zip lining

An Adrenaline Rush - Jamaica - Look no further than Jamaica for a wide range of high-octane activities like zip lines, sky diving and bungee jumping. Make sure to follow all safety precautions for an exciting and safe adrenaline-filled vacation.

Shopping - Bahamas - With great shopping in and near downtown Nassau, the Bahamas likely offer vacationers the best retail therapy in all of the Caribbean. The best shopping in this area is focused on local arts and crafts and, if you’re feeling thrifty, there are tons of designer knock offs available. 

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