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  • 1935-1955 A Brand Born at Sea
    As Paul Sperry watched his cocker spaniel, Prince, run across the ice on a winter's day in Connecticut, he noticed his dog's amazing ability to maintain traction on the slippery surface. Turning over Prince's paw, he observed hundreds of tiny cracks and cuts going in all directions. These wave-like grooves became the inspiration for Mr. Sperry's latest patent, called Razor-Siping™, and were instrumental in maximizing the traction and performance of the Authentic Original Sperry Top-Sider first introduced in 1935. Since inventing the first boat shoe, our brand continues to share our "Passion for the Sea" with those who enjoy the good life in, on and around the ocean.
  • Nautical Fashion of 1935-1955
    As the Great Depression became a thing of the past, fashion became much more relevant to the men and women of this era. Popular fashion trends included patriotic nautical themes, horn-rimmed glasses, and swimsuits and playsuits which were designed to emphasize the waist.
    Sperry Top Sider Women's Authentic Original 2-Eye Boat Shoe
  • Boating Lifestyle of 1935-1955
    Following World War II, the boating lifestyle became increasingly popular among Americans. Major events such as the American Cup and the Motor Boat Show drew large crowds and introduced boaters to a whirlwind of new models, ranging from one-design yachts to well-equipped cabin cruisers.
    Sperry Top Sider Men's Authentic Original Boat Shoe
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