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Banana Bread: Do You Make Yours with Nuts or Chocolate Chips?

From Epicurious

"Banana bread" is consistently one of the top-searched food terms on search engines and on recipe sites such as ours, for one simple reason: Bananas are typically bought by the bunch, and most households can't eat their way through a whole bunch before the bananas begin to brown. Hence, "banana bread" and "banana bread recipe" as consistent top 20 search terms, month after month, year after year. We humans. So predictable. What's less easy to predict is what ingredients, toss-ins, and add-ons ... Quick Read

Mussels in Tomato Broth

From Jersey Girl Cooks

Hope everyone had a fun Fourth of July! Luckily the weekend is just starting so there is plenty of more fun ahead. If you are doing some entertaining , try my mussels in tomato broth featured on Food Fanatic today. I make it as a quick and easy dinner but it works well as an [...] ... Quick Read

Summer Food Safety

From Epicurious

Wondering about those cookout leftovers? Check our ultimate food safety guide for how long those side salads and burger patties will keep. >> ... Quick Read

On the Beer Trail: Turbo Tasting at Tröegs in Hershey, PA

From Serious Eats

From Drinks Editor's Note: Ethan Fixell tours the country as a comedian—and as a beer drinker. Can he sip a local beer in every state? Watch him try. A few weeks back, my comedy partner Dave and I were lucky enough to attend a regional entertainer's conference in delicious Hershey, Pennsylvania. In celebration of a successful weekend during which many shows were booked, I inhaled one chocolate bar, several Kisses, and a cup of hot chocolate sweetened by ... Quick Read

Food Adventures For Your Long Weekend

From Serious Eats

Congratulations, you have the day off! That's great news. Did you have a nice time eating and drinking like an independent American? Are you looking for an adventure that makes the most out of your long weekend? Yes, that seems wise. Here are some ideas to get you started: Chicago: Shop for a picnic, slurp boozy frozen treats, track down stellar rib tips, ... Quick Read

5 Snacks to Make at Home

From Epicurious

In my constant quest to eat healthier foods, I've realized that mindless snacking is one of the traps I walk right into--call it my mid-afternoon weakness. So, I started buying almonds to munch on, then Kemp Minifie got me hooked on salted dried-seaweed wafers. Now, however, I'm determined to make my own snacks and save a few bucks. Here are five recipes I plan to make at home instead of grabbing the store variety. Any other easy-to-make snacks you enjoy? Share recipes below! Spice-Roasted ... Quick Read

On a peaceful patio, a taste of the Mediterranean

From Baltimore Sun

Twenty years after changing Baltimore dining, Donna's is a mellow pleasure  ... Quick Read

The Two-buck Chuck gold medal fallout

From Wine Curmudgeon

Two-Buck Chuck, the most notorious cheap wine of all, won three gold medals at a California wine competition last week, and the cyber-ether went wild. One member of the Winestream Media tweeted that the result proved that state fair wine... ... Quick Read

First Look: Shake Shack Opens Today in London

From Serious Eats

From A Hamburger Today Editor's note: Please welcome Ibrahim Salha to AHT!—re-welcome, rather. He did some London burger reporting for us back in 2010, and now he's back with a look at London's first Shake Shack. Here's his report from Shake Shack's preview event on Wednesday. ... Quick Read

Farmers' Market Salad with Spiced Goat Cheese Rounds

From Epicurious

Recipe from Bon Appétit ... Quick Read

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