Neighborhood: Serving Some of the Best Gourmet Burgers in San Diego

Restaurant Review: One of my all-time favorite spots downtown is Neighborhood. Visiting this spot on a beautiful San Diego day is pleasant; enormous windows let in the breeze, imparting a very indoor/outdoor feel. Between the atmosphere and the delicious food, this establishment has quickly become a regular eatery for San Diegans.

Inside, the first thing you’ll notice is the impressive wall-sized mosaic of the San Diego skyline. The atmosphere is very casual yet simultaneously high-end; just like the food and drink. Neighborhood specializes in two things: turning comfort-food classics into gourmet fare and artisan beers: they have 27 microbrews on tap and 70 bottled varieties.

In terms of a menu, Neighborhood offers lunch and dinner, with most plates featuring an old favorite with a twist. Neighborhood’s hamburgers are a perfect example. Ingredients like Organic Baby Spinach, Plum Tomatoes Confit and Bearnaise Sauce star in the 777 Burger; Caramelized Onion, Blue Gruyere Cheese, and Pepper Greens adorn The Neighborhood Burger.

Other notable items on the menu:
Jalepeno Mac & Cheese
Chorizo Corn Dogs (served with Mustard Seed Aioli and Smoked Chipotle Aioli)
The Neighbor’s Chicken Nuggets (served with Sweet and Sour Mango Puree, Cranberry and Habanero Aioli)
The Roasted Vegetable Sandwich (with Roasted Portobello, Red Pepper, Zucchini, Garlic Hummus Spread and Mozzarella)
The Crispy IPA Buds ( accompanied by Roasted Jalepeno American Cheddar dipping sauce) Red & Gold Beet Salad (with Goat Cheese Mousse and Lemon-Orange Citrus Vinaigrette)

Many of these are all excellent instances of time-honored foods undergone transformation. But the absolute must-have? The Sweet Potato Fries served with Peppered Malt Mignonette, Goldmine Shaft Cheese Crumbles and a tasty tangy sauce.

Neighborhood's Web site touts that they were inspired by the “gastropubs of London and the izakayas of Japan.”. Whatever it may be that Neighborhood has brought to Downtown San Diego, one thing is certain: we like it.

Insider tip: Don’t ask for ketchup; they don’t have it. In fact their Facebook actually states “ketchup is a crime.”. You really don’t need it anyway. Order the sun-dried tomato sauce if you really need a condiment…or if you just want to sound like a local.

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