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Lydia Posted on 10.28.2013

Brasil's Restaurant & Nightspot offers two radically different dance opportunities: Salsa upstairs, and the more typical hip-hop scene downstairs. It's a local favorite, though not nearly as popular as the Cuba Libre Restaurant & Rum Bar. Check out both if you have the time, take Barsil's if you're on a budget, and go to the Libre if you want to go all out with only enough time for one.

Eric Posted on 10.28.2013

The easiest answer of all: Pat's. The King of Steaks is, most certainly, king in this competition. You can always Geno's Steaks if you want a letdown, but why would you visit that on yourself? Enjoy a fine meal at Pat's King of Steaks and pat yourself on the shoulder for a choice well made. There really isn't a comparison.

Steven Posted on 10.28.2013

The Dutch Eating Place is a great, kid-friendly spot to eat, but their menu is primarily breakfast fare and sandwiches. If you want something a bit more filling and game-oriented, try Paesano's on Girard Avenue. A hot dog there might dissuade the temptation to seek one out at the ballpark, and they've got a great menu to choose from.

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