The Latest Travel Tips For Washington D.C.

Tara Imperatore Posted on 10.28.2013

Georgetown has every store you could think of. It's rare to find street parking but there are lots you can park in and walk around all day. The hundreds of stores are all within walking distance of one another as well as plenty of restaurants for a lunch break.

Ruby Posted on 10.28.2013

One Washington Circle has a fantastic combination of being way underpriced for its location - just a few blocks from the monuments and well within walking distance - plus a decent reputation amongst those who have stayed there. Check it out, it may be the perfect place to suit your needs.

Rhonda Posted on 10.28.2013

Sometimes a simple buffet can serve as a godsend for large groups. The Filomena Ristorante is perfect if a touch of Italian cuisine strikes your fancy. Parked on Wisconsin Avenue and serving up just about every Italian dish you can think of, it's a great stop. If Italian doesn't strike your fancy, there's always the La Chaumi?re on M, which serves up French food.

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