Politburo's Fashion... Or Lack of It

Feng Li/Getty Images

Where western politicians have a tendency to want to set themselves apart, be it by policy, ideals or designer suits, China's Politburo has a vastly different take on the way things need to be ran. Their politicians apparently do everything in their power to remain relatively unnoticed other than due to position alone. Yet another reason I'm glad to be a part of the more-or-less capitalistic world: I can wear whatever I want, more or less, no matter what position I hold.


When a Chinese official gets dressed in the morning, he must choose his outfit with care. Don't be too flashy: the wrong watch or tie, and he could find himself criticized -- or worse. But nor should his fashion choices be too reminiscent of the peasant-style garb of leaders from the high-Communist era: wearing Mao suits today would make foreigners --vital to China's recent rise -- uncomfortable(not to mention those who suffered under Mao's rule). Constrained on both sides, Chinese political dress has trended toward a sort of lowest fashion denominator... Read More

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