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Acapulco Ceviche

Mexico has been taking a beating lately with high profile drug attacks instigated by kingpins of the underworld. But it’s important to remember that this massive and dangerous drug trade is just as mercilessly being fed by the United State’s insatiable thirst for cheap highly addictive fixes. Many innocent Mexican citizens are relegated to being collateral damage in this ongoing power struggle. Fortunately, for those who are familiar with Mexico and know about smart regions to visit, now has never been a better time for rediscovering this vastly diverse country.

Acapulco is one destination that challenges preconceived notions and rewards intrepid travelers., a new media campaign promoting a multi-million dollar revitalization of this fabled getaway of the rich and famous is underway in a uniquely dazzling seaside resort that already attracts over nine million visitors annually.

Boasting endless sun, celebrated nightlife and legendary attractions, Acapulco is equally known for its delectable culinary offerings. Now, with a number of hotels offering new culinary experiences, dining isn’t the only way to enjoy Acapulco’s gastronomic delights. From tequila tasting events to cooking classes, the following select Acapulco hotels offer interactive culinary activities:

  • At Hotel Boca Chica, one of the destination’s top boutique hotels, learn true sushi techniques from a master. As part of the resort’s Sushi Class, Chef Keisuke Harada teaches proper preparation and presentation.
  • Grand Mayan Acapulco Enjoy tequila how it was meant to be experienced. Each Monday at 6:00 pm, a resident Tequilier guides you on proper sipping techniques and how to identify different qualities and varieties of the spirit.
  • Banyan Tree Cabo Marques Each night you can benefit from flash teaching sessions lead by expert bartenders on how to mix and muddle the perfect mojito. Included is a brief history of the drink and a copy of the recipe for future use.


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