I'll apologize upfront for being brief and to the point (those of you unfortunate few to work with me often know that is my wont). As the founding publisher of the LuxeMont family of websites, I truly regret to say that after 14 years it is time for us at to take a pause.

As of this weekend, JustLuxe will no longer be accepting content -- paid or otherwise -- to any of our websites. We have been in talks with several groups over the last year who have expressed an interest in maintaining the site, and we anticipate keeping the content live for the immediate future.

All of us here in San Diego would like to personally thank all of you who have toiled with us these many years, lending a shoulder to the monthly effort of publishing some truly fine content, helping us launch and maintain the flagship for the luxury aspirational space. Your stellar work stands alone and has been at the center of our unique calling card to the world.

With warm regards,

Robert Gautereaux, Jr.
Publisher, JustLuxe