Valentine's Day: Ideas for the Perfect Gift

Valentine's Day is another perfect excuse to spoil your significant other and to come up with some pretty cheesy ideas. If you don't want to overwhelm your gift recipient with hearts, cupids and chocolates, here are a few of my favorite ideas.

For Her

For the Romantic
Cartier Love Bracelet

Jewelry is always nice, and although diamonds will always work, The Cartier Love Bracelet is a one up. Designed in the 1970s, this bracelet is part of the Cartier Love Collection. It's fastened with a tiny screw and comes with an equally tiny screwdriver to open and close it. In other words, your loved one gives you the bracelet, locks you in and keeps the screwdriver.
Price: varies

For Women On-The-Go
Hanky Panky Undies

Getting delivered a bouquet of six roses, only to find they are Hanky Pankys, is a clever idea that is the perfect mixture of Valentines cheeziness with a gift she will love-and so will you!
Price: $130

For the Trendsetter

There will never be a holiday where shoes aren't a great gift idea. As the seasons change and we start to put away our winter coats and boots, the summers' cutest wedges and sandals debut. Try a pair of Kate Spade wedges that have that perfect hue of red. They really do go with everything.
Kate Spade Callista Wedges
Price: $225

For the Decorator

These little pieces of luxury will brighten any room and add an instant smile to anyone's face. Hand-blown with a multitude of color choices, these simplistic holders can be used for a candle, accessories, or even begin a collection of festive wine glasses. My favorite for Valentine's Day is Happiness and Valentine.
Price $40

For Him

For the Experientialist
Sexy Lingerie

Sometimes the best gifts are experiences. Buy a sexy nightie, cook your man's favorite dish and serve a whiskey or scotch cocktail. We guarantee he will remember this evening more so than a pair of heart pajamas or boxers. Nothing says sexy better than a little taboo and food.
Sexy Romper by Patricia Fieldwalker
Price: $275

For the Foodie
Bourbon Steak Package

This is for the men in your life that like to cook and can appreciate fine cuts of meat. What used to only be available to the top tier restaurants, chefs and royalty, is now available to the public. Perfectly packaged and delivered with Kentucky Bourbon seasonings, The Bourbon Steak Package is well worth the price tag.
Price: $264.95

For the Sports Buff
Robert Graham Baseball Shirt

Baseball fans typically have various T-shirts dedicated to their favorite team. I doubt an elegant, well-tailored button down shirt is part of their repertoire. Traditionally known has having bright and eccentric styles, Robert Graham has added the same flair that built his brand into great shirts for the sports enthusiast.
Robert Graham Limited Edition Major
League Baseball Sports Shirt

For the Beer Lover
A Bucket of Beer

Even men love having gifts delivered to their home or office, especially if it includes beer. This gift bundle includes a mix of some of the best imported beer from around the world and a selection of gourmet foods including cheese, meats and crackers.
Price: $89.99

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