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Prague Travel Guide

Holocaust Survivors Celebrate 70th Anniversary

Posted: Nov. 27th, 2012  |  By Michael Pearse
The Rodens
Dave Sidaway/The Gazette

It is said that success is the best revenge, and though nothing can make up for the darkest portion of human history, the success of the Nazi's Terezin concentration camp survivors Eva and Ruda Roden's marriage in Prague is something worthy of great celebration. Celebrating their 70th anniversary, the aging couple's story is one of love triumphing over the worst imaginable adversity and a beautiful glimmer from a time of bitter darkness.


Eva and Ruda Roden are set to celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary Thursday. For any couple to make it to that milestone is miraculous enough. But the Rodens had to overcome a lot more than just the aging process to hit 70 years together. They also had to survive a series of concentration camps during the Second World War.

The Rodens, both natives of Prague, actually got married in the Nazi concentration camp of Terezin in the former Czechoslovakia. They were then dispatched to several other camps before war’s end, and they not only made it out alive but also managed to find one another in the chaotic aftermath of their liberation. In order to obtain a marriage certificate, they re-did their vows in Prague after the war.


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