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A Real Look at Atlantis in Nassau

Posted: Nov. 29th, 2012  |  By Michael Pearse
Atlantis resort in Nassau

After becoming oversaturated with professionally written reviews of locations I want to travel to, I stumbled across a fun-to-read and real look at the Atlantis resort in Nassau. Having small children myself, it was noteworthy for me to see that this couple still had a great time while at the resort, making the Bahamas move up a few spots in my should-visit-soon list.

We are finally back at home as of last night! Spending one day at home made me realize how much I enjoy my own bed :) We had such a fun week and I have lots of pictures to post - but I thought I would start with the place I was MOST excited for. Nassau Bahamas- spending a day at Atlantis (a massive resort/ water park/ aquarium) made me realize I need to spend a week there SOON!!!!  It was just as everyone described it- Disney land for adults!! The slides were pretty darn fast- scared the crap outta me- AND Jonny...that says a lot!

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