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Austin Travel Guide

Bullet Holes at a Bar

Posted: Jan. 28th, 2013  |  By Michael Pearse
Butterfly Bar
The Austin Chronicle

Physical memories of violence might not seem like something that would draw crowds into a bar, but a bullet hole at the Butterfly Bar offers a historic story. Here in Austin, Texas, the lonesome bullet hole in the Butterfly Bar happened in the seventies and people travel here just to have a drink where a part of history was made.

There's a bullet hole in the gorgeous wooden bar between the stools and the mirror-backed, bottle-stocked shelves.

There's a bullet hole and there's a story that goes with the bullet hole, and Bonnie Cullum – artistic director of Vortex Repertory Company, owner of the multipurpose Vortex compound near where Chestnut Avenue intersects the restaurant-studded stretch of Manor Road – Bonnie Cullum is telling me that story.

"It happened in the Seventies," she says. "This bar was at The Landing on San Antonio's Riverwalk. And the story goes, there was a cat burglar who kept coming and breaking the pane of glass, opening the door and coming in and taking all the money out of the cigarette machine. 


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