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Austin Travel Guide

Austin Looks to Gondolas as Future Method of Transportation

Posted: Feb. 4th, 2013  |  By Michael Pearse

Are you tired of traveling from point a to point b by a traditional transit rail? Well Austin, Texas seems to be getting tired of that idea as well as they are now looking at gondolas as a potential future method of transportation. Not only is the idea innovative but also it’s also very cost effective. Per mile it only cost about 3 million dollars vs. 36 million for tradition rail.

There's an idea floating around Austin, Texas. Instead of expanding the city's light rail system to get commuters around, why not reach for the sky -- literally -- and install a network of gondolas?

"If you're actually thinking about navigating around urban environments," says Michael McDaniel, the man behind the idea, then gondolas make sense. "That's something where we don't compete for the same congested real estate that you do with lots of other mass transit systems."

The cost of installing a gondola system also makes sense when compared to other transit systems, McDaniel says. He points to the numbers. Running subway lines under a city can cost about $400 million per mile. Light rails systems run about $36 million per mile.


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