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Feist Plays Live in Three Canadian Cities (At the Exact Same Time)

Posted: May. 3rd, 2013  |  By Michael Pearse
Feist hologram
via Twitter

So the use of hologram technology is getting to a pretty neat point: Feist recently played a live concert in three cities simultaneously; shows were held in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. The cool tech use was part of the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch party.

There are some cultures in the world that have in the past -- and still today -- believe that photographing a person can steal their soul.


While the shamans and mystics have yet to rule on the effects of holograms, one thing is for certain -- if you use the power of digital holography to raise the dead it will result in a curse on your business. Just ask bankrupt Tupac hologram maker, Digital Domain.


Nevertheless, Samsung took a risk by transforming Leslie Feist -- also a once-upon-a-time punk rocker with Canadian act Placebo, ex-bassist for drum circle hippies By Divine Right and occasional raunch-rap sidekick to Peaches -- into a hologram for a Samsung Galaxy S4 for launch party last night.

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