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Easy Rider Captain America Leather Jacket

Choosing a motorbike leather jacket is not an easy job at all! Most fanatical bikers are keen to wear such a jacket, merely a leather jacket, which gives them style as well as assure their safety on fiery-hot ferocious track. If goes on the talk of a character that has increasingly evolved from Hollywood as a style icon for the bikers that would be none other than Wyatt of the classical Hollywood movie, Easy Rider!

Released back in 1969, Easy Rider promoted a patriotic culture in presented it rather beautifully to the frontiers. Showed up a rebel with a cause, Easy Rider set new fashion standards for the motorbikers! Evolved from the movie is a jacket that is a classic piece of fashion and yet commemorates all the contemporary fashion norms – Easy Rider Captain America Jacket!

Despite the fact that it has been decades since the movie hit the big screen, this Captain America Easy Rider Jacket is still able to arouse the senses of the fashion obsessed bikers. Observing the growing obsession of fashion lovers, we feel utmost proud to introduce to you the Easy Rider Leather Jacket! We have particularly paid attention to every single cut and feature of this jacket making it look exactly the same as it appeared in the movie.

The utilization of world’s best quality imported leather assure the sumptuous and premium look of the jacket while the top quality polyester lining assures the feel of ease and comfort when you put on this jacket. The stitching is extremely neat and intricate, which exhibits the slog of our craftsmen while crafting this brilliant piece of fashion. The branded YKK zipper is another premium feature of the jacket which advocate for the elegance par excellence.

The Easy Rider Motorcycle Leather Jacket features a snap tab moto collar, zipped cuffs with webbings, strap detail over front and left sleeve bicep region make this jacket a gangbuster! It gets a US flag imprinted at the back that takes your positive rebellious attitude to a new apex! Put on this jacket over your body and let your rivals go in smoke.

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