For Men: How to Travel in Style


Dagmara Mach

Traveling the world should be a major facet of everyone’s life experience. The incredible forays into foreign culture, delectable morsels of food you’ve never heard of, and the amazing vistas done no justice by Google image search will open your mind to a world of possibility and opportunity. Once you’ve walked the beaches of Sicily, swam the shores of Tortuga Bay, and meandered the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia, you’ll understand how small the world is and, equally, how obtainable.

But in order for it all to be truly obtainable – and trust me, it is – you’ll need to explore these beautiful locations with intention. A few simple rules to follow:

1.    Be present

2.    Be open to new experiences

3.    Look good through all of it


Here’s how to do all of that and turn your resort stay or random overseas trip into the experience of a lifetime.


Be Present

You’ve likely heard the phrase “be present” and “live in the moment” if you’ve ever perused the New Age section in your nearest bookstore. While it tends to be full of a hefty amount of bull crap, they got this one right (it helps that the concept is rooted in nearly every religion and ancient culture). Here’s what “be present” should mean to the modern traveler: being fully conscious and aware of your surroundings, with each of your senses open and alert.

This will help you achieve two things: 1.) fully enjoying your experience more (and it might finally feel like it didn’t fly by), and 2.) you’ll find yourself more aware of potential new experiences than the average myopic-minded traveler.


Be Open to New Experiences

Being open to new experiences, you’ll find yourself suddenly aware of a vast, untapped potential for fun and adventure to which you were previously closed off. I speak of being open primarily in regard to meeting other people. You’ll find that people you meet at resorts and getaways have all sorts of connections and opportunities you alone are incapable of achieving. You need to make connections when you travel, which includes starting a conversation with a stranger over any perceived random commonality, having dinner with a couple you met on the beach, and buying a drink for that lonely blonde at the end of the bar – although I’m hoping you would do that anyway.

Look Good Through All of It


While this seems superficial when read superficially, this should be a core tenet of your travel philosophy. When traveling to warmer waters, how you look is how you’ll be perceived. It’s your brand, and it’s based almost solely in appearance. People are less likely to be open to fellow travelers who look like bums when placed next to those who are well-dressed, refined, and radiate an aura of sophistication. We’re not talking about being dressed to the nines at all times. True class is all about subtlety, about letting your actions speak for you, and about perception.

Numerous approaches to looking good should give you a variety of avenues. Here are some tips to achieve this look with little effort while living out of your suitcase:

·       Clothes – the obvious first step in the realm of image, it’s really not as complicated as most guys think to pull off a refined look with just a few simple items. I recommend a couple good sport coats, no more than two pairs of slacks and a pair of designer jeans, a few high-quality long-sleeve button downs (made of anything but cotton), and a few more decent V-necks.

·       Facial Hair – if you can pull it off, I always recommend a bit of facial hair. Whether your angle is a goatee, tasteful sideburns or a trimmed beard, you pick your poison. But make sure it jives with your look and your brand.

·       Accessories – men’s jewelry is simultaneously a lost art and difficult to pull off (it’s a lost art because it’s difficult to pull off). Ostentation is the antithesis of your goal here – a simple necklace, bracelet or ring, in varying combinations, should be all a man needs to accentuate his look. The point here, though, is to accentuate your look with top-quality brands of jewelry that don’t make you look cookie cutter, but rather allow you to emit your personal brand in a classic style. Like a boss.

If you’re looking to really make the most of your international experience, to connect with amazing people and get randomly invited to private dinners, VIP suites and Richard Branson’s yacht parties, take my advice: be present, open yourself to new experiences, and look good doing it.


Your brand is your own to create or destroy and the way you dress and the way you comport yourself will define it – make it yours with intent and lead.


You were born for this.

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