Foster Children Who Became Big Celebrities

Ice-T once a foster child

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The likes of Eddy Murphy, Marilyn Monroe and Ice-T all came from foster homes, proving that the upbringing isn't a hindrance as long as someone is willing to love them and give them a chance. With November being National Adoption Awareness Month, this is a great time to learn more about adoption and how we can help. 


November is National Adoption Awareness month, according to a Nov. 17 The Washington Post report. The goal of the effort is to bring awareness to the thousands of children waiting for homes in foster care.

Several celebrities spent time in foster care. Here are a few famous people who know what a difference a safe, loving and permanent home does for a child.

Ice-T: The rapper and actor's parents died in a car crash. He was sent to live with relatives, but ended up in foster care when they couldn't care for him. Read More


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