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Bergen Travel Guide

Bergen Travel Information


Electrical current is 220 volts, 50Hz. Round two-pin plugs are in use.


Norwegian is the official language, but English is widely understood.


A 10-15% service charge is added to most hotel and restaurant bills and a further tip is only necessary if exceptional service has been received; waiters often receive an extra 5-10% tip. Taxi fares can be rounded up to the krone.

Safety Information

Norway is a safe country in which to travel, however travellers should still take sensible precautions to avoid petty-theft.

Local Customs

Smoking is prohibited in all public places and on public transport, unless otherwise indicated. Norwegians tend to see everyone as being equal; they do not flaunt their wealth or financial achievements and frown on those who do.


Business in Norway is conducted formally, with an emphasis on punctuality and direct communication. Business attire is usually smart and fashionable, though not ostentatious. Titles and surnames are predominantly used on introduction, but may be dropped later and greetings are usually made with a handshake. Business cards are exchanged. Expect business to be conducted in a direct and forthright manner, with little small talk or socialising. It is worth bearing in mind that Norway is an expensive country and that any services such as lawyers, consultants etc are subject to 25% VAT. Business hours are usually 9am to 4pm Monday to Friday.


The international access code for Norway is +47. The outgoing code is 00 followed by the relevant country code (e.g. 0044 for the United Kingdom). City/area codes are not required. Two operators providing GSM 900 mobile phone networks cover most of the country. Internet cafes are widely available.

Duty Free

Norwegian residents over 18 years, and who have been abroad for less than 24 hours, do not have to pay duty on 40 cigarettes or 20 cigars or 100g tobacco; and gifts to the value of 500 kr. Residents over 18 years who have been abroad for 24 hours or more and residents of other European countries, do not have to pay duty on 200 cigarettes or 250g of other tobacco products and 200 leaves of cigarette paper. For passengers over 20 years duty-free items include 1 litre spirits and 1 litre wine, or 2 litres wine and 2 litres beer; perfume and eau de Cologne in small quantities and gifts to the value of 1,200 kr. For residents of non-European countries over 18 years, 400 cigarettes or 500g of other tobacco products or 200 leaves of cigarette paper are duty-free, while for those of 20 years and older items include 1 litre spirits and 1 litre wine or 2 litres wine and 2 litres beer; 50g perfume and 500ml eau-de-Cologne; and gifts and items for personal use to the value of 3,500 kr. Prohibited items include alcoholic beverages with more than 60% alcohol content, arms and ammunition, narcotics and plants or parts thereof.

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