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Intimate Fine Dining Destination in Montreal

Posted: Aug. 22nd, 2012  |  By Michael Pearse

One of the most interesting aspects of Restaurant Bonaparte, aside from the tasty food that is, is that there are three separate dining rooms that offer guests different atmospheres, each of which is perfectly suited for whatever kind of night you might be trying to have. What is even more impressive about these dining rooms is that they are drastically different from each other, to the point of making each area look and feel like a completely different restaurant than the others.

The Imperatrice hall is an elegant dining area that has French paneling all around the room and an large fireplace that gives off a high-class vibe. The Verriere room offers guests a light and airy atmosphere with stained glass, skylights and gorgeous French doors. Last, but definitely not least, is the Centre Hall which was designed around a romantic evening with your loved one and is laden with stonework and small recesses for an even more intimate evening. This restaurant provides one of the best locations in Montreal to drink, talk and dine. 

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