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Gold Medal Plates Tests Montreal Chefs

Posted: Nov. 20th, 2012  |  By Michael Pearse
Gold Medal Plates
John Denney/Montreal Gazette

A great charity competition to determine who the best chef of Montreal is was held on the 6th of November, where eight of the city's finest prepared dishes for the judges and a notable crowd willing to fork up $350 to sample the best plates Canada has to offer.

Manning cooking stations set up throughout the space were chefs Antonio Park of Restaurant Park, Nick Hodge of Kitchenette and Icehouse, Daren Bergeron of the gourmet épicerie Fou d’Ici, Michele Forgione of Osteria Venti, Jonathan Lapierre-Rehayem of Laloux, Marc-André Lavergne of Accords, Nicolas Ficuciello of Le Quartier Générale and Marc Cohen of Lawrence. Not only did the chefs have to cook for a panel of five judges — including yours truly — but also for attendees. Gold Medal Plates is a successful charity event that has raised $6 million for athletes since the annual contest started in 2004.

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