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Can Montreal's East End Become a Location of Beauty?

Posted: Nov. 20th, 2012  |  By Michael Pearse
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New plans have been drafted for the neglected area of Montreal’s East End. The area has in the past opposed city plans to build highways over the waterfront area, so a new political group has begun pushing a new plan for the area, turning it into a gorgeous waterfront district that the city can be proud of.

“Montrealers are ready for a different vision from these outdated 1950s-style highway plans,” said Bergeron. “All over the world, there is growing recognition of the value and potential of urban waterfront lands. Our plan is to create a new neighbourhood with more than 5,600 homes just a stone’s throw from downtown Montreal. We want to keep young families from leaving for the suburbs and build our city around a transportation infrastructure worthy of the 21st Century, with bike paths, reserved bus lanes and a modern tramway to the east end of the island.”

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