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Seb Toots Breaks Montreal's Record Snowfall with Urban Snowboarding

Posted: Jan. 7th, 2013  |  By Michael Pearse
Snowboarding in Montreal
Seb Toots

While it may not catch on and become the next new sport snowboarder Seb Toots has made the best out of Montreal's record breaking snowfall with some urban snowboarding that has been put together in a stylish montage.

Snowboarding through downtown Montreal isn't exactly a common sight, but judging from the video below maybe it should be. This wonderful short film follows snowboarder Seb Toots as he starts at the top of Mt. Royal, a park located not far from the heart of the city, and glides down its slopes right onto the streets below. Along the way he shreds fresh powder, rides handrails and jumps a variety of obstacles. I don't exactly expect urban snowboarding to become a full-fledged sport, but it sure looks like fun.

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