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Denver Travel Guide

Denver Orchestra, More Giving Then We Know

Posted: Jan. 31st, 2013  |  By Michael Pearse
Denver orchestra
Denver Post

Many of us like orchestra music because its relaxing and it sets a great environment to learn among other things.  One of the things that most of us over look is the ability of the musician to sync as if they were all one well-oiled machine. Separately their instruments make nice sounds but together they make beautiful music, especially in the mile-high city of Denver.

Playing in an orchestra is a selfless act by nature. A musician has to give it all up — control, ego, time, vision — and fall in line with the composer's intentions and the conductor's particular passions.

Audiences applaud, but rarely do they understand the sacrifice players make, all the lessons, the hours of practice, the expense of the instruments. It takes a lifetime of preparation to get ready for every Schubert symphony, every Mozart concerto.

And yet the musicians with theDenver Philharmonic Orchestraoften say they are privileged with the opportunity; to have a place to perform, eager ears to listen and best of all, comrades in music willing to do their small


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