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Fashion Hub For Dress Firm

Posted: Mar. 4th, 2013  |  By Michael Pearse
Dress firm's Montreal warehouse
Vincenzo D'Alto/The Gazette

Montreal houses one of the largest fashion warehouses in the Americas. This particular ware house has an estimated 30,000 dresses hanging from its racks and if this isn’t that impressive only the Los Angeles ware house beats this one with over 50,000 dresses. 

It’s a familiar scene in the fashion business, but impressive nonetheless: a huge warehouse stocked with acres of garments swathed in plastic. At J.S. Group International’s 30,000-square-foot corporate headquarters on Chabanel St., there are about 30,000 dresses hanging, and those are just dresses destined for the Canadian market. There are another 40,000 or 50,000 frocks in an L.A. warehouse.

Elsewhere, there are sample and cutting rooms, showrooms, offices and more racks of dresses, short and long, in a rainbow of colours and prints, and most spectacularly, in intricate beadings of silver, gold, even raspberry. One short strapless dress with silver petal crystals weighs several pounds, for sure.

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