3 Luxurious Camping Destinations

Sinya Cabin

Courtesy Sinya

Camping is not usually considered a way to vacation in the lap of luxury. However, in recent years, with the downturn of the economy and heightened security requirements at airports, those with financial means are seeking new ways to enjoy themselves. Extreme luxury camping, which we will refer to as ‘glamping’ (glamorous camping) from this point forward, has become a novel experience luxury travelers are seeking out. 

How is glamping different than regular camping you ask?  Camping usually involves “roughing” it as it is commonly called by frequent campers, pitching your own tent, preparing your food over a self-made fire, waking up in the middle of the night with a severe backache.  Well, maybe not the last one if you have a cozy inflatable mattress, but you get the jist.  Glamping on the other hand, is in a breed of her own.  No other camping experience is quite like her.  With her superior and sturdy tents equipped with real beds; potentially your own camp butler to assist you during your stay; gourmet food and wine; all prepared for you.  Your only job is to enjoy the experience.  Where would one go to find such an experience?  While there are more places overseas for glamping, there are places cropping up all over the US.  We have listed three (3) for you to seek out and review.

  1. Sinya on Lone Man Creek in our home state of Texas. Sinya, located less than an hour Southwest of Austin, offers exquisite eco-lodging in the Texas Hill Country. With just a 2-night minimum stay starting around $200/night, you can enjoy your stay in a cabin with wooden pine flooring throughout and a king-size platform bed. Fishing and hiking are popular activities; however, this location is perfect for a couple’s getaway as it offers great privacy. Not to mention, Sinya is open year round.
  2. Bar W Guest Ranch near Whitefish, Montana unlike Sinya is only open from May through October for obvious reasons. Texas offers great weather nearly year round and Montana is more likely to have difficult winters. Needless to say, Bar W is a splendid place to spend a few nights on a luxurious, glamping vacation. Offering cushy canvas lodge tents coupled with activities such as wagon rides, skeet shooting, horseback riding or just relaxing underneath the stars at night. 
  3. Black Canyon Wildlife Ranch near Black Canyon National Park in Colorado is a delightful place to consider your glamping trip. Offering cozy cabins, scrumptious food and privacy away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Black Canyon Wildlife Ranch is a place to leave all of your worries behind while relaxing in their natural hot springs. Black Canyon Wildlife Ranch is a favored by artists, photographers and the like seeking to capture its beauty on canvas and image

There are several other places to select for a glamping experience within the US, and there are plenty more to choose from overseas with the most noted number of locations in the United Kingdom.  One thing to consider is just how will you get to there wonderful locations.  Of course, you could pack up the family and fly to the nearest location of the camping grounds.  It is also possible to take the train to the nearest station to your chosen destination.  Or you could add a little spice to your trip and drive... drive, you say.  Well, we are not suggesting you drive yourself.  We have a suggestion for you in our next article... stay tuned to learn more.

Courtesy Bar W Lodging

Eagles Nest Room at Bar W
Courtesy Black Canyon

Black Canyon Wildlife Ranch


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