9 Teens Win College Scholarships for Fighting Bullying in their Community

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Bringing bullying to an end is a community effort and a mission that takes the younger generation to participate actively. Standing up to bullying and raising awareness about the issue in school may not be easy or popular, but it is crucial and can be rewarding. Stand for the Silent announces the 2023 winners of their scholarship, with each teen being awarded a $5,000 scholarship.

"These memorial scholarships are a beautiful way to honor my son and late wife," says Kirk Smalley, co-founder of Stand for the Silent. "They would love that in their memory teens are being rewarded for helping to address bullying in their schools and community."

Each year, Stand for Silent awards four $5,000 scholarships in the spring and another four in the fall. The Stand for the Silent Scholarship program includes the Ty Smalley Memorial Scholarship and the Laura Smalley Memorial Scholarship. Two scholarships for each one are awarded every spring and fall. 

Ty Smalley was the son of Kirk and Laura, who is also the motivation for creating the Stand for the Silent organization. At 11 years old, he took his own life after being suspended for standing up to a bully. The organization was founded to help communities identify and address bullying. Laura Smalley is Kirk's late wife, who did not survive the surgery she had following after being diagnosed with a brain aneurysm in 2020. The scholarships applaud and honor students who share their ideas and goals of fighting bullying and teen suicide.

The 2023 Stand for the Silent Scholarship winners include:

Sarah Chavez – Albuquerque, NM – Spring 2023

Jessica Payne – Albuquerque, NM – Spring 2023

Shauna Lake – Dora, MO - Spring 2023

Emily Ramos – Hulbert, OK – Spring 2023

Sophie Earp – Albuquerque, NM – Spring 2023

Emeri Pasley – Quincy, IL – Fall 2023

Abigail Mansfield – Stillwater, OK – Fall 2023

Logan McDougall – El Paso, TX – Fall 2023

Hensley Kidd – Pittsburg, OK – Fall 2023

"We are happy to provide these college-bound students with scholarships for all they have done to help address bullying in their schools," adds Smalley. "We wish them the best of luck on their journey and hope they continue to leave their mark.”

Smalley and his wife, Laura, started the organization following their 11-year-old son, ending his own life due to bullying. They turned their pain and loss into a mission of helping others. He travels the country giving presentations about bullying to schools, providing bullying prevention, giving out scholarships, offering intervention strategies, and more. Those interested in getting involved can start a chapter of the group in their area, obtain a free K-2 bullying prevention curriculum or cyberbullying handbook for parents, host a presentation at their school, and donate to help support the cause. To get more information, visit the site at:

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