A Peek Inside The Gym Of A Celebrity Fitness Guru

Walking into The Wall pop-up gym in Hollywood is quite the experience. Even at 6:30 a.m. everyone is buzzing with energy. So much so that it makes you wonder what got them all out of bed at that ungodly hours and most importantly, why they are not cranky about it. The answer is Jason Wimberly, the founder of The Wall and a true force of nature. As a former professional ballet dancer and a long standing career as a celebrity fitness instructor, he knows exactly what your body needs and how to get you there.

Lavinia Lumezanu

With a passion for travel and fitness, as well as foreign languages and cultures, Lavinia has always been an adventurer. She loves discovering new places as often as possible, whether it's luxury resorts around the world or cozy little bungalows full of charm and local flair, eating in Michelin star restaurants or sampling the local street food. You can read more about her endeavors at https://lav...(Read More)