Artist Lyn Hiner Uses Her Own Personal Experience and Faith to Show That There is Always a Light in the Dark

Lyn Hiner

Photos Credit: Lyn Hiner

Lyn Hiner loves to share her love of art and her creative spirit with the world. She spent some time studying art as a student and would help others discover their creative outlet by offering classes in her luxurious Orange County art studio, where she provides the tools to let others explore their souls on canvas. Lyn suffered a serious freak accident after rock collecting on the beach, but throughout her painful recovery she never lost sight of her faith or belief that even in the darkest of times, there is always a light. Lyn creates abstract expressionist works that reflect her personal beliefs and is happy when working on her long-running series. Lyn tells JustLuxe about how her faith and love of beauty and art has helped her through the darkest times. 

Lyn Hiner

When did you begin working as a professional artist?

I’ve been a creative most of my life, but made it my career/profession about three years ago. Although I had been teaching art privately, it wasn’t until a traumatic event and my full recovery that I rediscovered my love for creating art.

How would you define your work?

Stylistically, I’d say it falls within abstract expressionism. My goal is to extract the essence of my subject or emotion, which is a reflection of my own personal journey. What I want my artwork to evoke is "hope and beauty can be found in the chaos and confusion of life."

How do you feel your work has changed through the years?

I had some technical training in the arts in high school and then briefly at the Pratt Institute. Back then, my work was clearly representational and striving for photo-realism. But at the point when I felt called to make visual arts my profession (many years later), the transition from true representational work to expressive, even to the point of abstraction, progressed rather quickly. 

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