Chalabi Art Gallery Hosts 'Legend of Death' in Istanbul
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Khaled Akil


Young Syrian photographer Khaled Akil was born in Aleppo. He graduated from Beirut Arab University, department of Law and Political Sciences. As a Syrian citizen, Akil experienced all contrasts and contradictions of the Arab world and the Middle East Region on a daily basis.

Through the eyes of an artist and a political science student, he watched the social, political and religious issues unfold, change, shape and define Syrian lives. Works of Akil showcase this constant conflict between war and pain, female body and religious authority bringing forth the prevalent reasons for dying and killing in Middle East.

Akil’s photographic compositions - a unique hybrid of photography, painting, Arabic calligraphy and symbols - mirror a sense of “spacelessness” and “timelessness”. At times these compositions can feel like a dream, a nightmare or resurrect a mythological character from the collective Syrian consciousness. 

Despite the civil war in his hometown, Khaled managed to finalize his work the late in 2012. Exhibited in Chalabi Art Gallery for the first time, ‘Legend of Death’ can be visited until March 15.

Chalabi Art Gallery

Mim Kemal Oke Cad. No:17 Nisantasi Istanbul TURKEY

Tel: 0212 291 3903

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