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IMAGINE PR has been appointed as the North American Public Relations Representative for eriro. Set to open in July 2024, eriro was created with a mere nine suites with the intention of establishing the smallest luxury Alpine hideaway in the Austrian Alps, located at an elevation of over 5,000 feet where guests will foster a strong connection to the Alpine traditions of the region. Taken from an Old High German word meaning “beginning,” eriro offers an experience of pure tranquility that leads guests back to their roots, or origins, allowing them to become one with nature. Archaic and pristine, the untamed nature of the mountain draws the eye to the essentials and fulfills the innately human desire for simplicity and authenticity.

Conceptualized by hoteliers Amelie and Dominik Posch, alongside Christina and Martin Spielmann, and crafted by timber construction expert Andreas Mader, eriro offers a reimagined take on Alpine luxury. This unique experience is seamlessly integrated with nature's rhythms, Alpine traditions, and sustainable practices, which shape the activities, design, cuisine, and wellness programs. The remote location, minimal carbon footprint, and Tyrolean traditions invite guests to rediscover their beginnings, coexisting with nature’s rhythms and savoring the present amidst majestic surroundings.

The eriro experience begins prior to arrival as guests ascend on a scenic cable car journey with panoramic views of the Alpine meadows and pristine forests – the main way to access the secluded location. Generations of mountain traditions are honored through signature experiences at eriro. Lovely and gentle like a swim in summer alpine meadows, or rough and powerful like sudden thunderstorms, the diverse moods of mountain nature determine everyday activities and bring guests awareness of the value of the “little things in life.” Guests can engage in barefoot hikes throughout the forest moss, working with stone, wood and other materials from the mountains, or drawing the crystal clear, refreshing water from the mountain spring and carrying it home. Experiences, savored with all the senses, touch the heart and become deeply lived memories.

“Growing up in this region, we have been inspired by Tyrolean culture and want to share this attitude toward life that we stand by,” said Amelie and Dominik Posch, co-owners of eriro. “We've meticulously crafted every detail of eriro to foster harmony with nature, from the locally sourced materials used in our sustainable architecture to the traditional practices woven into our signature experiences. We believe in the power of these beginnings and moments of reconnection.”


Boasting nine luxury suites, eriro features a minimalistic, high quality sustainable design approach to Alpine architecture. Blending seamlessly with the surrounding nature, Architect Martin Gruber utilized locally sourced, organic materials such as stone, wood from their own forests and other natural Alpine materials from the area to bring together eriro’s nine suites, giving the rooms a feeling of timeless luxury paired with authentic Alpine experience. Each detail has been specially manufactured and designed for the property, including a private road to get there in case of emergencies, poor weather, or the cable car closing.

The simplistic design ethos at eriro is articulated through Gruber's deliberate rejection of ornate decor, opting instead for a nature-inspired color palette of greys, greens, and browns. This choice provides a feel of coziness along with a sense of structure and shelter. Floor-to-ceiling windows and two loggias not only flood the space with natural light but also forge a deep connection with the outdoors, making the pristine Alpine surroundings the centerpiece of eriro’s design philosophy.


“The minimalist design and open-air concept of eriro allows the breathtaking surroundings to take center stage,” said Andreas Mader, part-owner timber construction contractor of eriro. “We want our guests to feel truly immersed in the Alpine experience through each element, from the architecture to the activities.”


Influenced by seasonality, the energy of fresh mountain water, mossy scent of the forest, and herbal aromas inspire the eriro wellness experience. Emphasizing silence as the experience, every design element within the eriro spa has been carefully selected to create a harmonious connection with nature and connect guests with the element earth, rooting back to their origins. The spa area is deliberately located in the basement, among untamed rocks, forests and meadows on the Tyrolean alpine pastures. With water as the essence of silence and liveliness, guests can enjoy the scenic Taijakopf mountain while relaxing in the 80-86 sq ft meditation pool or expansive pool made for laying out, or in the spruce needle or Finnish saunas made from local wood. Anchoring the mind and body through the traditional wisdom of local herbalists and naturalists, the eriro spa menu reflects the ever-changing seasons of the Alps. The massages and body treatments are inspired by five medicinal herbs; Arnica, Johannis Herb, Sheep Yarrow, Peekwegerich and Brennessel, each with health-promoting properties to restore the body's natural balance.


Celebrating regionally grown and sourced ingredients, the Tyrolean-inspired dishes reflect the ever-changing weather conditions of the mountain at the eriro restaurant. Meals are prepared over local wood, stone, and grains then cooked over a real fire at eriro, reflecting the diversity of regional ingredients and the power of fire. Whether prepared on the indoor stove or outdoor fire pit, the fire ignites depth and intensity while creating unique flavors and textures, demonstrating that mountain's cuisine can be experienced by the palette, eyes and nose.


About eriro

Nestled within Ehrwald, Austria at an elevation over 5,000 feet (1,550 meters), eriro is the new luxury hideaway elevating the Alpine experience. Featuring nine luxury suites and only accessible by cable car, eriro is situated within the unspoiled Austrian pastures within the peaks of the Austrian side of Zugspitze Mountain. Emphasizing tradition, seasonality, and simplicity, eriro anchors guests to their origins and fosters harmony with nature through experiences, cuisine, wellness, and design. Activities such as hiking, skiing, and local crafting, yodeling, and snowflake reading techniques foster a strong connection the Alpine traditions of the region. The culinary experience, inspired by seasonality and the Tyrolean Mountains, take guests through celebrated traditional recipes curated with locally sourced ingredients at the restaurant and bar. The spa is anchored in seasonality and origin, with treatments inspired by the five medicinal herbs: Arnica, Johannis Herb, Sheep Yarrow, Peakwegerich and Brennessel. Architect Martin Gruber designed eriro to capture the simplicity and stillness of the Alpine region, utilizing locally sourced materials and a natural color palette to place nature as the local point. The weathering of the façade, ripening of spruce floors, and darkening of the wooden walls is deliberate, reflecting the journey of the wood, stone, and natural fibers implemented throughout the architecture as the seasons change. For more information, please visit [BD1] 




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