Hey Audiophile! Here Is How You Should Fit Your Earbuds


Before we start, did you know that cool wireless earbuds are not worn in the same style as traditional earphones?

That’s right. If you have a pair of earbuds and you are a big-time music buff, you’ll probably spend half of your time ensuring traditional earphones don’t fall out.

While there are certain people who get a perfect fit the first time, there are many others who struggle with it and decide not to listen to any music while they run.

Moreover, they say that earbuds are “one size fits all,” but still a single type of eartip does not fit everyone.

So, if you are an Audiophile, and are pondering over these issues, here is a comprehensive guide to using your earbuds


Never consider EARBUDS as one size fits all!

Earbuds are supposed to fit so that the little speakers inside them can go into your ear canal and the sound waves can hit your eardrum. Now, human ears are not of the same size, and same-sized earbuds can’t reach everyone’s ear canal.

So, if your canal is big and ‘clean,’ you will probably need an earbud that goes with the size of your ear, and if small, only a small sized eartip will work for you.

Clean your EARS, if you use earbuds frequently.

There are chances that your ears have earwax due to which your earbuds keep popping out of the ear.

Some doctors from the Cochlear Implant Center of New York say that people come to them complaining the earwax in their ears makes audio accessories fall out all the time.

It is essential that you get your ears cleaned regularly or it may hinder the capability of your earbuds to fit properly. Don’t go to hard on your ears though, they are delicate.



The sound isolation and quality of your music depend on how good the seal with the ears is.

If you think that your purchased a great pair, check the level of seal or the type of eartips that you are using just to make sure. Almost every pair of earbuds come with ear tips, and the best approach is to spend a little time to understand what size works for you.

To put an end to all your earbud woes, xFyro brings you earbuds with eartips of different sizes that will help you to find the perfect fit.


The xFyro xS2s earbuds are designed to fit the human ear in a secure and comfortable manner. However, if you want optimal fitting, rotate the earbuds to 360 degrees until a comforting seal is formed around your ear canal.

The Bottom Line

As you are on your way to discover the best ways to use earbuds, make sure you buy earbuds that come with different eartips. Along with this, you should clean your eartips regularly and wipe it occasionally.

At last, avoid listening to music at high levels, and select music accessories that come with the best sound and noise isolation technology.

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