How to Create the Perfect Holiday Tablescape

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With the holiday season quickly approaching, now is the perfect time to give your kitchen a facelift - starting with replacing those old, mismatched dinner plates and bowls with quality, stylish dishware.

One of my favorite brands of the moment: Leeway Home. They have a variety of all-in-one kits that each, in their own right, act as the perfect starting point for an effortless holiday tablescape.

For The Party Planner: The Full Way ($275) - A more traditional dining setting without the stress of overstuffing your cabinets. The Full Way includes 4 settings of the 11 key pieces you need to get set (big plate, small plate, bowl, mug, all-purpose Leeway Glass, wine glass and 5-piece flatware), for a total of 44 pieces. 

For The Solo (or Duo) Diner: The Entry Way ($65) A multi-functional kit centered around the all-in-one Leeway Dish, the brand’s signature all-purpose dish. Combined with an all-purpose drinking glass, this streamlined kit is perfect for those who are space and budget conscious. The Entry Way is designed for one plate meals and includes two settings of dishes, glasses and flatware for a total of 10 pieces.

For The Happy Hour Host(ess):The Drinks Way ($60)- For those looking to stir up their signature drink selections, The Drinks Way contains a variety of glassware for any beverage of choice. Includes one of each glass: Leeway Glass, Wine Glass, Flute, Coupe and Tall Glass for a total of five pieces. 

Whatever type of holiday host you plan to be this season, Leeway Home co-founders Sam Dumas & Lyle Maltz share their top five tips for creating the perfect tablescape.

The epitome of a good holiday dinnerware set is one that fits your family's needs, personal aesthetic, and can adapt to each stage of your life. When it comes to holiday gatherings, you want something that’s versatile enough for everyday use, but also special enough to elevate your holiday tablescape. And no one wants a set of plates that sits in a box 11 months out of the year (and they likely don’t have the space to store it!). For this reason, remember to prioritize practicality when shopping for dinnerware this holiday season, and opt for a more everyday dining set that you can build on. Before buying, also make sure that the dinnerware on your list fits comfortably into your cabinets and is well-suited to the holiday meals and proportions you plan on serving this season. 

Colors and patterns are important, but not as important as quality.Finding a dinnerware pattern you love is important, that’s why we at Leeway have two distinct collections with a total of 8 colorways. It’s also important to focus on quality and durability when selecting everyday pieces.Choose plates made with quality materials that have a classic finish (for example satin, gloss or matte) and have a nice feel. It’s also important to make sure that the dishware you purchase is durable and safe for use in the dishwasher and/or microwave, so you can spend less time cleaning or reheating and more time celebrating. 

Choose pieces that reflect your personal style, but that are also versatile. When choosing a color for your dinnerware,make sure your pieces reflect your everyday style sensibility, and hold out until you find dinnerware that can be of use for more than just one holiday gathering. A classic, neutral setting that allows you to build and customize your tablescape for any occasion generally makes a great choice. It’s also important to keep other aspects of your kitchen and/or dining area in mind, like the color accents on the walls or the style of flatware you use, as a guiding factor when choosing your dinnerware.

Dress up the tablescape with fun glassware. At the end of the day, what makes the cocktail is the glass itself. And for those on a budget, don’t fret about buying a dozen cocktail glasses in various shapes and sizes. Instead, opt for a set that can be used for a variety of cocktails for any occasion - especially a holiday get together. Prioritize multifunction and multi purpose pieces that can satisfy even the fanciest of cocktail ordererers. Whether you’re in the market for a basic, matching set or for something bolder to spruce up your holiday tablescape, you also want to make sure that your glassware meets the quality test while also being dishwasher safe. From wine glasses and champagne flutes to couple glasses that beautifully house seasonal cocktails, there are tons of glassware options that are durable enough to last while making a lasting impression.

Start small and grow based on your needs. Service for 12 guests is traditional, but if you don’t entertain much, have a smaller space, or prefer intimate holiday gatherings, you might want to start with a small set that has your everyday needs covered. Spend less time worrying about what’s traditional and more time embracing your way of life. Napkins, centerpieces and table runners can also help accentuate and offer that pop of color without committing to an entirely new “holiday theme” of a dinnerware set that you won’t have use for after the holidays are over. 

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