How to Give Back When You're Gone


Life can’t go on forever, and that’s just something that can’t be denied. Yes, we can live for longer now than ever before, and we can be healthier as we do it, but at some point, it will all come to an end.

The fact that death is inevitable can be frightening or upsetting, but if you work out some ways to give back when you’re gone, it doesn’t have to be so worrying; it can be something that does a lot of good for others, and there are various ways to do it. With that in mind, keep reading to find out how to give back when you’re gone and make your life worthwhile.

Leave A Gift In Your Will

One of the easiest and most common, yet truly effective, ways to give back is to leave a gift in your will to a charity or other organization that does good in the world. You don’t have to leave everything to them, especially if you want to leave some money and assets to your loved ones. Still, a small gift would make the world of difference to a charity, which is why considering it when you’re planning your will and thinking about who to give what to is a good idea.

It might sound like a complicated thing to do, especially as legal issues could be involved – we are talking about a will, after all – but it’s very simple. In fact, Macmillan explains how to leave a gift in your will, which could be very helpful, and it’s certainly something to read through if you're not sure how to get started.

Set Up A Scholarship

Leaving a gift in your will to a deserving cause isn’t the only option, even if it’s an excellent one to start with. Another idea could be to set up a scholarship in your name, which would allow people to get access to education that they might not have been able to get on their own. That could be the most amazing gift, and it might be what allows someone to make something of their lives and take a path that was closed to them before – can you imagine how wonderful that would feel? and it would all be down to your generous gift.

The thing to remember about setting up a scholarship is that you’re investing in the future because it’s not just the person who gets the scholarship who will benefit, but everyone they go on to help in their lives and careers as a result.

Write It All Down

Although you might think that giving back is all about money, the truth is that there are lots of ways to give back, and money is just one of them. One that wouldn’t cost you anything is to write down all your experiences and everything you’ve learned in life and publish it as a kind of memoir or guide.

If you’ve been through some tough times or you feel you have a lot of wisdom to impart, putting it into a book and sending it out into the world for people to read and learn from could be a great way to help others after you’ve gone. Anyone going through a similar situation to you could find comfort in your words and even use your advice as a way to push forward and make a better life for themselves. At the very least, you’ll be leaving a great reminder of what you did and achieved behind after you’ve gone.

Take Care Of The Environment

The planet is in danger, and there are lots of environmental challenges ahead – and taking place right now, come to that. The reality is that everything we do impacts the environment, and if you want to leave something good behind when you’ve gone, why not act in a positive way and take care of the planet?

If you can be as eco-friendly as possible in your life, and if you can teach future generations how to do the same, then you’ll easily be able to give back when you’re gone because those good actions will carry on, and that’s going to make the planet a better place to life.

Become An Organ Donor

Are you an organ donor? It’s such an easy thing to sign up for, and it can make all the difference after you’ve gone – it can literally save lives. It’s not always an easy decision when it comes to deciding whether or not to donate your organs, but when you consider all the good it can do and the fact that you no longer need these things, it just makes sense, and it’s a brilliant way to give back.

If you do decide to become an organ donor, make sure you make your choice clear and let your family members know so they don’t have to make the decision on your behalf at a difficult time. If they know it’s what you wanted, they’re more likely to agree if the time ever comes.

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Freelance writer, Delicia Warren, is passionate about the environment and the impact humans are having on the world around us. After starting her career in the sustainability field, after taking a period of time to raise her two small humans, Delicia now dedicates her spare time to writing about how people can make a difference, one step at a time.


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