How to Grow a Brand on Instagram: 3 Tools to Help You


Modern brands need modern solutions - you can no longer rely on banners and magazines, traditional marketing tools are outdated and ineffective. Nowadays brands invest in digital marketing techniques and the majority of them develop their marketing strategies in relation to social media. You can find all major brands feature themselves on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. These are the big 4 of social media that marketers adore.

Instagram is the second fastest-growing platform for marketers after TikTok. Nearly every internet user has an Instagram account today which provides immense opportunities to marketing specialists. In this article, we cover the best practices and tools that help you grow your brand on Instagram in 2024.

Best Practices for Brands on Instagram

Brands invest a lot in Instagram marketing. They approach Instagram's growth strategy very carefully and indeed, it requires a lot of planning and analysis to establish your online presence in competitive social media networks. Let’s summarize what marketers do for their branding techniques on Instagram:

  1. Profile design:  logos, bios, individual post designs - these elements must be cohesive and united by a common design concept, color scheme, or structure
  2. Meaningful content: content must be helpful, interesting, or visually appealing. The value of the content depends on the nature of your brand and your business goals
  3. Engagement strategies: techniques that urge your followers to engage with your content - to like, comment, save, or share your posts and stories
  4. Partnerships and collaborations: every popular brand collaborates with influencers and other brands to increase their audience reach
  5. Audience targeting: create user personas, understand what is your ideal follower and what kind of content they would find most interesting
  6. Keywords and hashtags: use keywords for your Reels and hashtags for all your posts - they make sure that people who find you are relevant and will remain loyal to your Insta profile
  7. Analyze your performance metrics: pay attention to different marketing techniques - conversions, clicks, likes, impressions, comments, etc.

Tools to Grow Your Brand on Instagram

Growing on Instagram can occur naturally without anyone interfering with the process. However, this takes months and even years for many people. Even if you produce the highest quality content on the market it is extremely hard for a person to reach you organically. Instagram is very competitive, most businesses run regular advertising campaigns, and influencer collaborations, and use artificial tools to boost their Instagram performance. That is why all Instagram marketing experts would recommend to invest in tools and platforms that specialize in Instagram growth services. Below, we present 3 best tools for growing your brand on Instagram.


The majority of articles you find about top tools for Instagram growth feature Mixx in first place. The reasons why Mixx stands as the top performer among the competitors are numerous. First of all, Mixx offers you a free trial - a service you can attempt without paying anything. You can check the quality of followers yourself and decide only afterward if you would like to purchase a package. Secondly, Mixx provides international and high-quality followers with 30-day refills for any size package.

Mixx prices the smallest package of 50 followers at $0.89, while the largest package of 10,000 followers costs $39.90. These prices are discounted rates which are effective as of May 2024. Mixx frequently hosts promotions and discounts so you do not have to worry about the prices rising up.


Twicsy is one of the best tools in the Instagram marketing world. The marketplace is growing rapidly and adds new features regularly. At the moment, the platform focuses on three social networks: Instagram, Threads, and TikTok. The majority of their services across these three platforms are similar - likes, followers, and reposts. For Instagram, you can find Instagram followers, likes, comments, and views. Twicsy offers different solutions for different business goals and types of Instagram accounts:

  1. High-Quality Followers Package
  2. Active Followers Package
  3. Celebrity/Influencer Package


First packages include normal followers and their pricing ranges from $2.97 (100 followers) to $99.99 (20,000 followers). The active followers package includes Instagram profiles that post regularly and engage with others’ content with prices starting at $11.99 (500 followers) up to $136.99 (10,000 followers). The celebrity/influencer package comes with additional feature such as audience targeting, collaboration boost opportunities, VIP customer service, and more. This package offers 500 followers for $26.99 and 10,000 followers for $299.99.


GoreAd IO is a very similar platform to Twicsy with a focus on TikTok, Threads, and Instagram. However, the reason why influencers often choose GoreAd is its diverse portfolio of Instagram services. You can find more than mere Instagram followers option within this marketplace, here Instagram marketers use:

  • Instagram comments package
  • Automated followers growth package
  • Instagram captions package
  • Customizable comments and followers packages
  • Instagram likes and views packages
  • All-in-one Instagram growth package

Furthermore, you can choose between regular and active followers. The regular GoreAd followers are inactive accounts with profile pictures and biographies but they do not post content. On the other hand, active followers post daily or weekly and there is a higher chance that they will engage with your content. 

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