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It’s easy to take a beautiful event for granted without pausing to think about the brains behind the finished product- florals, installations, “Insta-worthy” moments, they all must come together seamlessly to deliver a brand’s message.  Meet owner and lead designer Bronwen Smith and her full-service design and production company, B Floral, who help bring their clients' vision and wildest dreams to life!

By leveraging their multifaceted abilities in floral work, event design, installations, and yes… even jewelry made with real flowers, B Floral is able to transform a space and execute a one-of-a-kind event. We had the opportunity to speak with Bronwen to learn more about the company, what lead her to this point, and what’s next for this exciting business.

B Floral does everything from floral design to custom floral jewelry, and now full-service event design and production. What has the journey been like that has brought you to this point?

I started B Floral in 2010 when the company consisted of myself and two interns working out of my living room. Over the past eight years, we’ve established ourselves as one of the top event design and production firms in New York City. B Floral began with a focus on floral design, but over time we have evolved to produce and oversee all aspects of an event. We also added a custom fresh floral accessory line to the business. Accessories such as cuffs, necklaces, bow ties and rings are handcrafted using fresh flowers and greenery, which are perfect to complement any outfit. 

What is your background? 

Growing up in New York City, I always loved the chaos and creative process behind the events my family hosted, and those I attended.  Event planning and production have always been in my life, but it took nearly a decade to translate my passion into a business. I graduated from Duke University with a degree in Economics and started a career in finance on Wall Street. I quickly realized that this industry wasn’t the right fit for me, so I shifted my focus to sports and events after earning a Master’s Degree in Sports Business from New York University. After exploring my creative side by learning the ins and outs of floral design, I discovered not only a creative outlet, but a desire to combine the different experiences and skills gained throughout my career and start a new company, which became B Floral. 

What are some of your favorite aspects of planning an event for a client?

It’s so important that each client’s expectations are not only met but exceeded. We strive to transform each space into an environment where their vision has come to life. The moment a client steps into a venue and we see he or she break out into a smile, there’s no better feeling. What makes our job so rewarding is to see how the amount of work put in by employees of each department truly translates into a product that our client loves but also a product that our team is proud of.

You work on huge corporate clients - what do you find is different working with a corporation or brand versus an individual?

What sets us apart from competitors is a focus on branding. Many of our clients come to us to transform a space and bring their brand and vision to life. Through installations, floral arrangements, furniture and decor, we’ll elevate an event so each and every guest will leave a venue with immense knowledge of a brand and their message. When working with private clients, we strive to gather every detail of style and color preference before designing an event. We want each private client to be confident they’re going to walk into a completely customized environment true to their initial vision. 

Are there specific challenges that only come with this type of large-scale work?

Each project we work on is unique and comes with its own set of challenges, so we’re always prepared to handle any difficulties. For example, if we’re completing a branded flower wall, we make sure to prep and bring along extra florals and greenery in case any is needed. Communication is also key while working on a large project, where there may be multiple clients and vendors to interact and collaborate with. 

Tell us about some of your favorite projects or events you have completed!

One recent project that worked on with Jack Morton Worldwide was a total venue transformation for Belvedere’s new Single Estate Rye Series. Belvedere was launching this new product and wanted to incorporate the feel of the Polish forest where the rye is grown. Through the use of greenery, trees and bundles of rye, we transformed the entire space to reflect not only the Belvedere brand but the region essential to creating the spirit. Another project we loved working on was an interactive installation for Tinder at HerConference. We incorporated the brand’s logo with their signature orange hue to create an installation filled entirely of roses. Tablets were inserted into the installation so guests could interact with the brand while attending the event.

Any fun upcoming projects that you can share?

Later this month, we’re hosting a media event in Southampton, NY showcasing our wide variety of production capabilities as well as our floral accessory line. Editors, influencers and clients will experience not only our work but have the opportunity to take snaps at multiple Insta-Worthy photo moments. 

What’s next for B Floral?

We have been rapidly expanding both in terms of our capabilities, and our travel to set-ups throughout the country and the world. I believe you will see great things from our full-scale event production in events across various industries including sports and entertainment. It’s really an exciting time for us because as consumers increase their demand to be completely immersed in a brand and travel to an experience, not just an event – the demand for our expertise increases as well.

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