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Grand Teton National Park has become more popular and crowded every year. However, it still brings to mind the haven that was envisioned by its founders in 1929 – a place for people to contemplate and interact with the Mother Nature. As diverse as the park’s landscape, its choice of lodging properties come from simple campgrounds to cabins. Some visitors may also settle in standard motel rooms or in a homey or luxurious bed-and-breakfast suite in a resort. Nevertheless, for those who are looking for a lodging place to stay in the park, there is always one that is tailored to one’s taste and need.  The following are some of the best lodging at the park:

The Climbers’ Ranch

Located at base of the park, the Climbers’ Ranch provides visiting climbers and mountaineers great views of the park’s range, with easy access to climbing routes and trails. Similar to a hostel, the place offers lodging in a dormitory style using quaint log cabins, which accommodate four to eight people. It comes with a cooking shelter, washrooms, showers, a lounge, and a library. Visitors must bring their own bedding, towel, and cookware. Also, pets are not allowed.

Colter Bay Cabins

Situated at the park’s Jackson Lake, Colter Bay Cabins is a great summer hideaway spot for swimming, relaxing, fishing, and camping.  With a lake nearby, it’s a great place for fishermen, families, and those who want a cozy resting and relaxation spot. It offers numerous cabins with comfortable accommodation as well as an array of activities, which allow the visitors to enjoy the most out of the park. Also, the place provides nearby hiking trails and rental water boats.

Signal Mountain Lodge

Seated at the foot of the park, Signal Mountain Lodge provides delightful and affordable accommodations for the park’s visitors as they enjoy its wonders and rustic beauty. It offers appealing rustic cabins, which are located at Jackson Lake’s lakeshore. The lodge comes with 80 units, which some of them have beach fronts and fireplaces. All of its units are carpeted and have beautiful handmade piece of furniture. Its amenities include restaurants, convenience store, tour desk, and a gas station. Moreover, the lodge offers a variety of outdoor activities like kayaking, sailing, fishing, and lots of hiking and wildlife watching activities. Whether one will stay at a family bungalow or in a small motel-style cabin, the lodge provides an accommodation that has a unique atmosphere for every visitor.

Jenny Lake Lodge

Located near the Jenny Lake in the scenic and fabulous Teton’s Park, Jenny Lake Lodge offers comfort and Old West atmosphere to its lodgers. It comes with 37 cabins, which are priced for the affluent including extras such as meals, walking sticks, horseback rides, and cruiser bicycles. Its cabins are ornamented with dark wood flooring, beamed ceilings, and bright braided rugs. Its main lodge boasts striking panoramic windows, a sitting room, and a fireplace. Visitors can enjoy live music and great selections of drinks at its bar during evenings. Also, the lodge comes with a gift store, a tour desk, and a restaurant. Moreover, the place provides a wide variety of activities for its guests. Its visitors can go fishing, horseback riding, cycling, biking, and hiking. The most favorite activity of many visitors is taking boat trips across Jenny Lake and enjoying the scenery of the Hidden Falls and the Inspiration Point. It also has kayak and canoe rentals. Its visitors can also enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the Cathedral Group from their cabin windows or they can have a scenic drive at the Cathedral Group Turnout.

Triangle X Ranch

Nestled at the heart of Jackson Hole and the park’s range, the Triangle X Ranch offers incredible scenery and numerous outdoor adventures, which its visitors can’t get enough of. It comes with 20 cabins with options for one, two, and three bedrooms – all of which has a special rustic charm. At the ranch, the guests can enjoy horseback riding, hiking, cookouts, square dancing, and more. Most visitors love the guided fishing trip and the Snake River’s scenic float trip. Big game hunting is also available. Moreover, the lodge also offers winter activities such as snowshoeing, snowmobiling, and cross-country skiing.


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