Luxury to the Extreme: A Look at the Most Adventurous High-End Travel Experiences

Everyone wants to organize their vacation in such a way that it becomes memorable. Some people prefer a passive break because they plan to have a good rest from all the work. For others, the word "vacation" is synonymous with adrenaline rush and extreme.

Bungee jumping, diving with sharks, skydiving – the list goes on and on. If you are the type of holiday-maker who dreams of maximum excitement from your luxurious and extreme getaway, then you are in the right place.

How to Save Money for Extreme Vacations

There is one downside to thrill-seeking vacations. In most cases, they will cost a fortune. But you can find different ways to overcome this. For example, some people take short-term cash advances that will cover these expenses. Some of the resources do not even require a perfect credit history of the borrower. Sounds fantastic, right? Try to learn more about how to get a loan with bad credit and, at the same time, not overpay.

There are many ways to get money quickly and with minimal annual interest. In case of successful repayment, you can rebuild your credit history with a positive rating because the platforms accept borrowers even with bad credit histories. Cash advances and short-term loans are the most common options for vacationers seeking cheap thrills.

Additionally, consider how many people are in the group with you. The more participants go on the tour, the lower the total cost will be. The same applies to hotel rooms and meals. Support from experienced guides will also require expenses. If you want to save the budget, then start adventures without additional accompaniment.

Where do Americans Travel Most Frequently?

According to statistics, US travelers go most to Mexico and Canada, except for local journeys. In addition to these two countries and several European locations, tourists have frequently chosen an exotic destination such as the Dominican Republic.

If you focus in more detail on the chart from the National Travel and Tourism Bureau, you can see that 39.3 million Americans have visited Mexican locations, and about 15 million traveled to Canada in 2019.

The third place is taken by the United Kingdom, with nearly 4 million tourists. Italy and France occupy the fourth and fifth places. 3.2 million have chosen the United Kingdom, and 3.1 million Americans have visited France correspondingly.

Epic Tomato Travel

Trips are grouped by different types of terrain. Here you can visit mountains, deserts, jungles, polar points, and rivers. Each new adventure includes a tour of one of the selected landscapes.

In addition to new experiences, you will also get to know new locations and acquire survival skills. For example, one of the top routes is Antarctica. Tourists should prepare for 3 weeks of the extreme journey. Researchers will be able to see the frozen pole with their own eyes and climb the snowy peaks.

Diving with White Sharks

The tour involves encountering the most dangerous predators. This type of entertainment is not for everyone, but those who love adrenaline should pay attention to such a pastime. As of now, there are four locations where you can experience this adventure.

One of them is in the USA, 28 miles from San Francisco in the Farallon Islands. Guests dive into a cage with a big white shark and test their chances of survival. Alternatively, you can swim in Mexico, on the island of Guadalupe. You set sail on a large ship for a 5-day tour. During this time, you can also feel the experience of being in the same cage with a predator.

The Most Breathtaking Bungee Jumps

The world's highest bungee jump is located in China at the Macau Tower. The cost of such entertainment is $437. Extreme enthusiasts can plunge into a free fall from the 764-foot-tall tower.

The jump lasts for 5 seconds, and at 100 feet, they will be thrown back up into the air. For those wishing to make this experience for a second time, the organizers offer a ticket at a reduced price.

Another adrenaline rush can be experienced at Pucón in Chile. Tourists can jump into the volcano from a helicopter using a bungee cord. Such entertainment will cost about 16 thousand dollars.

The active volcano of Villarrica will bubble under you. Afterward, you can try rafting and arrange accommodation in a five-star luxury hotel and relax in a pool with hot springs.

Adventures in the Highest Mountains

Mountain adventures can be exciting and dangerous, especially when it comes to the highest mountains in the world. The Himalayan Experience will organize a tour for you to conquer the most difficult peaks in the world.

You will attempt to climb Lhotse, Manaslu, Makalu, and Everest. All participants must have considerable experience because tourists without the necessary skills can even put their health at risk after such a tour. If you manage to summit one of the highest mountains, it will be the most vivid impression of your life.

Chasing the Storm

Let's finish our list with local entertainment in Denver, Colorado. The organizers of Storm Chasing Adventures Tours offer you a 6-day tour of the Great Plains. The cost of such an excursion will cost about 2,500 dollars.

You will be able to travel in special cars equipped with radars. This way, you can track supercells. During the tour, you will be accompanied by photographers and news operators.

To Sum Up

Entrepreneurs cannot predict the future of the market for extreme tourism services, but they say with confidence that the demand among Americans for active pastimes is growing rapidly. The market is saturated, and there is severe competition, especially when it comes to outbound tourism.

Booking plane tickets and taking the most comfortable seats on the train is a good thing. But it is much more interesting to make a route yourself and go on an extreme trip. Almost every country can o

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