Mounting Your Oriental Rug as a Wall Hanging

Acquiring an oriental rug is a huge investment. The thought of owning a piece of a culture that far exceeds your own by centuries and have it displayed on your wall is really an achievement. The exquisite beauty, the timelessness of the piece and the excellent artwork, and also the many hours that went into creating this rug makes it quite valuable. Displaying this oriental rug on your wall makes a dramatic statement.

Persons whom decide to hang their oriental rugs instead of placing them on the floor, do the rug justice. It’s as though they are paying homage to the sacredness of owning such a beautiful work of art. They are also protecting the rug as not to let it be damaged by traffic on the floor.


The Recommended Oriental Rug for Hanging

Silk and woolen rugs are most common. Silk oriental rugs are better suited for hanging, though that is not to say woolen rugs cannot be hung. Silk rugs are lighter while the wool rugs are much heavier and will warp if not hung correctly. Mounting a rug takes quite an amount of skill and you may choose to use a professional to do this job. If you will do the work on your own, then you need to do some research.

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