One Woman's Story of How She Became One of Antigua's Top Luxury Yacht Concierges

As the owner and operator of Caribbean Concierge Services, Tina Westwood has been taking care of Antigua’s discerning luxury yacht owners for years, but her businesses roots stretch all the way back to her teenage years. When she was 19-years-old, a girlfriend asked if she’d like to work on a yacht that was sailing the Atlantic Crossing and the question triggered Westwood’s fearless habit of saying “yes” to things she had never done before. What followed after was an exciting journey featuring a Saudi King, luxury yachts, and island living.

After her initial six months sailing experience, Westwood assumed the Lead Stewardess role on a subsequent trip aboard a yacht heading to Athens, which then led to a job working on the $100 million, 482-foot yacht of Saudi Arabia’s King Fahad. In 1987, after working on the billionaire’s yacht (which included its own helicopter pad), Westwood knew that it was time for a break, so she flew to the island of Antigua—not before getting a $10,000 tip from Fahad though.

Westwood loved Antigua’s Caribbean vibe, as well as the island’s eclectic mix of ex-pats and natives. The then 27-year old Westwood decided to give island living a try, and opened a bar with a former U.S. Marine. 

Tim Cotroneo

Tim Cotroneo is a freelance writer from Minneapolis, MN, specializing in Caribbean travel, business, and golf. Tim is the Travel Writer for Business Owner Magazine and the Contributing Editor for Travel Dreams Magazine. All of Tim's travel articles can be found at and ...(Read More)

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