Science Has Come a Long Way Toward Improving Health - bioReigns is Making Sure That the Supplements Industry Keeps Up with Modern Advancements

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 Over half of the American population relies on a daily vitamin or supplement to help support good health by filling in missing nutrients from their diets. Recent research suggests that many may not be getting quite the boost they expect, as much of a vitamin’s efficacy comes down to one crucial factor: absorption - how easily can the body actually break it down and use it? As it turns out, roughly 10-90% of vitamin blends are eliminated before they can do their work. In 2019, bioReigns (bio) co-Founder James Shipley set out to pioneer the future of wellness, engineering more readily absorbed (or “bio-available”) supplements and nutraceuticals. Fueled by the most advanced science, bioReigns’ proprietary collection of multi-functional, clean nutrient-rich blends raise the bar for everyday essential health and wellness support. 

“Our complex blends are masterfully crafted using potent, natural, organic ingredients and the most advanced technology to ensure the highest degree of bio-availability,” explains brand co-founder James Shipley. “This means you get more of what your body needs to feel and perform at its best. You sleep better, which means you perform daily functions better, and all of our products are created to boost immunity for optimum health.”

Using proprietary RapidCell Technology, bioReigns engineers a more efficient nutrient delivery method by breaking down each substance into its smallest form: a hydrophilic complex molecule that dissolves easily in water. The human body is composed of up to 75% water - the brain up to 85% -  so each element is, effectively, speaking the body’s language. This translates into higher nutrient absorption and faster availability. In short: the body can put more of the good stuff to work, faster. 

bioReigns goes well beyond improving nutrient delivery to synthesizing a more purposeful, balanced blend of ingredients. Imagine laser-strong focus without jitters, calming CBD without feeling tired, and a natural sleep aid that supports a vibrant next morning. Committed to product transparency and consumer education, the brand’s scientific approach and multi-purpose benefits are detailed right on the packaging. Browse bioReigns gluten-free, vegan, organic best-sellers such as Hydrate ($59.99 for 6.9oz) - a synergistic blend of essential electrolytes and trace minerals ideal for improved hydration, energy, and vitality; potassium salt replenishes water storage while antioxidants CoQ10 and resveratrol help to fight oxidative stress throughout the body (with zero added sugar). 

Discover the brand that is pushing the limits of what’s possible in health and wellness. Learn more, shop now, or join the brand’s customized affiliate program to grow a home-based business at Follow @bioreigns on Instagram for positive lifestyle and product updates. bioReigns - A better way to a better you.  

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