Silvercar Delivers No Hassle Luxury Car Rental

When it comes to renting a car, you're not settling for a minivan or subcompact economy special. You want reliability, comfort, and some zing under the hood to make those S curves extra exhilarating along with the views. After sitting on a plane for hours with your legs folded up like pretzels and a debilitating case of jet lag, the last thing you want is to wait in line for a sales pitch designed to get your signature on additional insurance coverage for a vehicle you really don't want.

Now in 10 airports across the USA and growing, Silvercar is an oasis in a sea of typical car rental hassles. "The airport car rental industry hasn’t innovated in 40 years", says Silvercar CEO Luke Schneider. "We thought we should do away with counters, lines, and move it all to a mobile device eliminating the brain damage usually involved with getting to your car.”

All Silvercars are identical and that's a good thing. Each one is a fully-loaded silver Audi A4 with free in-car Wi-Fi, in-dash GPS, Sirius Radio, roadside assistance, and toll tracking at rates ranging between $59-89 per day depending on the location, day, and demand. And get this, if you don’t have time to fill the tank before returning it, Silver Car simply charges at-the-pump prices along with a $5 convenience fee.

Steve Mirsky

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