Take it Slow in Santiago

The Singular Santiago

From the vibrant streets of Valparaiso to the serene landscapes of Chiloé National Park, Chile invites travelers to take it slow, with countless unforgettable adventures. Slow travel offers a deeper, more fulfilling journey compared to rushed tourist experiences. While many travelers race from one landmark to another, slow travelers enjoy the luxury of relaxation, forming genuine connections with their surroundings, its people, and its culture. In the wake of a pandemic-induced slowdown, travelers have developed a newfound appreciation for intentional and sustainable exploration. Choosing to uncover the world at a leisurely pace, individuals cherish each moment, avoiding a checklist mentality. Slow travel encourages mindfulness and sustainability, promoting eco-friendly transportation, such as walking and biking. The lively streets of Santiago are rich with art, culture, music, and traditional cuisine, while the idyllic San Pedro de Atacama boasts natural wonders that evoke an unforgettable sense of peace, mindfulness, and awe.

Brought to life with Bohemian culture and an artistic air, the Lastarria neighborhood is home to The Singular Santiago. Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, the hotel offers 62 rooms, a restaurant, terrace, spa, gym, and rooftop bar and pool. Known for seamlessly blending its elegant atmosphere with the local arts, culture, and gastronomy, guests experience the true essence of the area. After a day of exploring, the Singular Wellness Spa features an array of relaxing treatments to create physical, mental, and spiritual harmony, activating the senses with the fusion of organic scents such as eucalyptus, lavender, and orange from the best natural and organic ingredients of Chile.

The Singular Santiago

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