The Best Remote Working Places in New York City

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Reports indicate that freelancers and those who work from home are on the rise, with businesses being more flexible as to where their employees complete their tasks and with employees valuing a good work/life balance more so than ever.

While employees working remotely can increase staff retention, lead to greater productivity, and increase workforce diversity, it all depends on where exactly the employee is working from. Some are unable to properly work from home, while others need the hustle and bustle around them in order to get the job done. That’s why remote working locations have risen to cater for all those needing an office away from the office. So, where are the best places for remote working in New York City?


Source: Pixabay

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

All it costs is an admission fee and you can spend the day working in one of the largest hubs of creativity in the world. To change the pace of your standard remote working space, the Met offers free Wi-Fi and plenty of spots to crack open your laptop and get to work. Choosing a spot such as The Met might not be suitable every day, but it can help shape an exciting working week. Culture lovers can also add in the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) to their remote working schedule when it reopens in late October 2019.

Fueled Collective

If NYC does anything well, it's cooperatives and collectives, and Fueled is a perfect example of this. The coworking space can be suited to those who work for themselves remotely, and membership can be factored into the running costs of your business or self-employment.

However, while working out of an office environment like this might feel as though you were going into the actual office anyway, you still need to ensure that you are protected, as public workspaces don't offer the same levels of security and cover as private office spaces. Finding business insurance quotes online to ensure you are protected for any work you carry out at a coworking space will protect you personally from business decisions. It can be easy to forget to do this when in the warm embrace of a coworking collective.


Coffee Shops

The New York City coffee shop scene is one that's tailor-made for remote working. During the working day, most people in coffee shops are either working on personal projects or working 'from home', and the environment can be conducive to getting your own work done. The backdrop of your motivated peers, copious amounts of caffeine, and the usually free Wi-Fi, as well as a host of students from the prestigious university and art schools, mean that your inspiration shouldn’t be too hard to find. Nothing exemplifies remote working culture more than spending an afternoon in a coffee shop while others rush about outside.

There are almost too many places to remote work in NYC. If it's nice enough, you could take your work to Central Park to bask in the sun, or could complete written work on the Staten Island Ferry. Long train journeys into the suburbs can also help with remote working, as can almost any bar, restaurant, or library in the Big Apple.


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