The Future of Gaming: How Web3 is Transforming the Niche


Prepare for a new form of game immersion. Web3 gaming, based on blockchain, is on the horizon and set to drastically change the way we play. No longer will players have to farm for items, which vanish once the server is reset—a Web3 game is about ownership, community, and players. Just think of a situation where, instead of a m4a4 desolate space skin being displayed on your screen, it is a real digital asset that you own.

Ownership of Your In-Game Items

This is an exciting change in the gaming world—you’ll be able to own the in-game items not only within the game itself but also as a digital asset. That’s how the phenomenon of NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens, works. These blockchain-based certificates of authenticity make game items collectible and tradeable. This opens a treasure trove of possibilities:

  • Sell your hard-earned loot: Got a legendary sword that doesn't fit your playstyle anymore? Sell it to another player for cryptocurrency, potentially turning a virtual trophy into real-world value.
  • Invest in digital assets: These are in-game items that could probably be considered as valuable as trading cards in real life.
  • Exclusive experiences: NFTs may provide options like special collections, premium games, playing competitions, or voting privileges in the game.

No longer are items locked away in a single game; they’re becoming part of a broader digital ecosystem. Imagine a future where your character's armor seamlessly transitions between different Web3 games, creating a truly interconnected experience.

The “Play to Earn” Concept

It may soon become apparent that the fun of spending hours of your life and skills in a game and earning nothing for it may be a thing of the past. Web3 gaming also brings a “play to earn” option in which a gamer can get rewarded through cryptocurrency or tokens for their endurance. This could take many forms:

  • Completing quests: Imagine earning tokens for conquering dungeons or winning matches. They could then be used to level up your character, purchase skins, or be redeemed for actual money.
  • Contributing to the game: Gaming companies could pay players to create content, vote on the game's governance, or report bugs.
  • Esports and competitive gaming: Web3 gaming may bring the same change to esports through the development of truly transparent prize pools or tokenized reward pools for fans.

Essential Issues and Concerns

The concept of Web3 gaming is still somewhat paradigmatic, and there are issues to be addressed. Here are some key considerations:

  • Sustainability: The “play to earn” model needs to be balanced to avoid turning games into purely economic endeavors.
  • Accessibility: Entry barriers like the cost of cryptocurrency or complex blockchain technology could exclude some players.
  • Regulation: Clear regulations are needed to ensure a safe and fair environment for all participants.

Nevertheless, there is no doubt that Web3 can be applied to gaming—and it surely will be. As the technology grows and developers learn from it and accept the potential of such games, the audience will be blessed with a wave of new and innovative games.

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