The Innovative Wellness Brand Making The Benefits of Curcumin A Reality

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The fast-changing and ever-growing consumer health space can be tough to navigate, especially when it comes to supplements and multivitamins - it’s difficult to determine what your body needs, if they’re safe, and simply put, if they’ll actually work. 

I had the opportunity to chat further on the topic with Adam Payne of Ultra Botanica who has an impressive background in biotech pharmaceuticals. Alongside researchers and scientists, Adam has spent over a decade researching nutrients & botanicals that improve the health span of humans. The discovery? Curcumin. Adam was blown away by the power of the plant and its multitude of benefits. But there was one problem, curcumin does not absorb into the body on its own, it needs assistance. 

After years of trial and error, Adam and his team discovered if curcumin is liquified and attached to a protein, cells in the body absorb it fast and effectively. Eleven years later, Ultra Botanica was born with the UltraCür® family of products that have changed the lives of thousands of people worldwide. Scroll on to learn more about the brands patented technology that has allowed them to make the promise of curcumin a reality.

Can you describe Ultra Botanica’s patented LPS™ technology and what it does to the body?

AP: Many companies have tried to solve the problem of curcumin’s poor absorption using things like nanoparticles and black pepper. But those solutions only marginally help. Plus, the capsules sit in the gut and cause GI discomfort or you must take 16 capsules to feel any difference. 

The elegance of LPS™ technology is that it works so well. Not just for the polyphenol curcumin, but for the whole class of polyphenolic bioactive plant compounds in general, such as resveratrol, quercetin, and green tea extract. It gets the curcumin quickly absorbed to the bloodstream and cells... no gut discomfort included. 

LPS™ technology is different. By using protein as a carrier, curcumin is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and cells with no gut discomfort. To our knowledge, we’re the only curcumin brand to include a blood thinner warning on our product label… because it’s so effective in getting into the bloodstream!

What is your #1 best-selling product and why? 

AP: Our #1 selling product is Pathway 3™, a berberine LPS™ product designed to modify blood sugar metabolism, which is part of our Onco-Adjunct™ product line. 

Best seller #2 is another Oncology support product called Pathway 2™ -- a combination of LPS™ Curcumin and LPS™ Quercetin. In our Wellness line, our #1 best seller is UltraCür® Original, which comes in a 60-count and 120-count bottle and uses the LPS™ technology with our fastest-absorbing scaffold, whey protein. It allows for complete absorption in less than 20 minutes. 

What are Ultra Botanica’s values as a wellness company? 

AP: Our mission is to take nature's most beloved botanicals and enhance them with our patented Liquid Protein Scaffold™ technology. This helps it reach your cells faster and better, with exponentially enhanced bioavailability. You'll feel better every day. Ultra Botanica -- The Feel-Good Curcumin.

Our first value is Wholeness. We will drop everything to surround our people and others with Wholeness. Our second value is Peace. We honor our people and others by bringing Peace into every situation. Our third principle is Productivity, where we do our best every day to make the most of the time. 

Can you talk about how your formulas are made? 

AP: Our products are made by binding the polyphenol molecule to a protein such as whey powder, brown rice, NAC, or shellfish-free chondroitin. These proteins act as a “transporter” of the polyphenols into the bloodstream and cells. 

What additional products does Ultra Botanica offer and what makes them special? 

AP: We offer a line of products called Onco-Adjunct™ which were formulated as an adjunct to traditional “onco” therapies. Pathways 1™, 2™, 3™, and 4™ are intended to support cellular health via natural compounds. However, due to regulatory concerns, we keep a low profile on these products. We also produce and market a product called UltraCür® 4Pets, which pet parents love. And hey… there’s no placebo effect with pets. 

Can you describe Ultra Botanica’s target consumer? 

AP: Our demographic skews older (45-75) and mostly female. They have an interest in natural solutions for their health problems and the health problems of their loved ones. But as our reputation has grown, younger people who are involved in health and fitness activities, such as CrossFit, martial arts, and weight training, have turned to UltraCür® products as part of their daily health and recovery regimens.

Can we anticipate any new product launches in 2024?

AP: We plan to roll out Pathway 5™ in 2024. 

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