The latest Instagram craze, digital gaming: The $10,000 Run

?: Benjamin Spark, LMPR

Since we have all shifted to living virtually over the past few months, artist Benjamin Spark is bringing his art to your phone with his latest project 'The $10,000 Run', an augmented/virtual reality game created for Instagram, so we can all feel as if we’ve taken a trip to an art museum without leaving the comfort of our couches!

Benjamin Spark, known as a powerhouse of “street pop” in Brussels, a movement which blends American pop culture with European street art, freely samples from art history and popular culture in his work, borrowing graphics from youth subcultures and the commercial mainstream such as juxtaposing Disney stars and superheroes leaving them dirtied and defaced with a spray-paint graffiti attack.

Spark’s latest project combines his street art and comic book style with an augmented/virtual reality-based game on Instagram titled, 'The $10,000 Run’, that takes on a new spin of the Instagram filters. The virtual character of Benjamin Spark controlled by the player has to avoid the public as well as paparazzi while running though the art gallery of Spark’s paintings.Players will use their personal Instagram handles and will be able to play for a duration of 2 months (July 1 - August 30) to reach their ultimate high score. 

The best part? The winner of the game with the highest score will be offered a bespoke Benjamin Spark painting valued at over $10,000'The $10,000 Run’ will be accessible on the Instagram platform on Android and iOS the same way you access your favorite Instagram filters via @benjaminspark__.

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