Two Technology Executives on Having a Thriving Career While Raising a Family

Emilia M. D'Anzica and Sabina M. Pons

Mothers working in the technology industry face a variety of challenges in the workplace due to the increased responsibilities they have to juggle, such as work and their family life. Such tech industry workers are often not given the same opportunities as men and are often paid less than their male counterparts. Additionally, mothers in technology are often forced to work in specific areas where they don't feel comfortable and must deal with sexual harassment, gender bias, inequality, and discrimination.

To highlight these challenges and what the tech industry can do to make it more mom-friendly, coauthors, highly successful business partners, and mothers Emilia M. D’Anzica and Sabina M. Pons wrote Pressing ON as a Tech Mom: How Tech Industry Mothers Set Goals, Define Boundaries & Raise the Bar for Success. In this book, the coauthors discuss:

Discrimination, Bias, or Harassment: How tech leaders should judge employees based on their performance and overall contributions to the organization, not their gender, sexual orientation, race, age, or appearance

Empathetic Leadership = Effective Leadership: Why tech leaders need to be understanding of the moms on their teams, as well as care for their well-being

Role Models and Mentors: Why mothers in the tech sector need to become role models and mentors to others and how this can spark innovation 

Inclusivity: Why and how tech leaders can truly make their organizations inclusive

Why Mothers Working in Tech Should Have Sponsors: The role of a sponsor, and how they can defend their female employees and stand up for them

Open Communication: Why and how mothers in tech should speak to their managers to stand up for themselves without the fear of retaliation or reprisal

Organizational Culture: Tech leaders must understand that a warm and welcoming environment will produce more productivity and engagement, whereas a toxic or very rigid culture can lead to disengagement and a lack of satisfaction

Mothers in C-Suite Positions: Benefits moms can have as executive leaders in organizations due to their empathy, compassion, and resilience

Mental Health and Mothers: How tech leaders should create an environment where moms feel safe enough to open up about their mental health issues without fear of being judged or reprimanded by their colleagues

Work-Life Balance: Why tech leaders need to understand that mothers should never be put in a position where they need to choose work over children

Life Outside of Work: Tech leaders need to provide employees the time to focus on their external obligations without putting excess pressure on them

The tech industry has a diversity problem. The number of women in tech is still low, and the number of working mothers is even lower. The tech industry needs to accommodate working mothers by hiring more female employees and mothers and providing flexible work schedules or other types of benefits.

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